Exhibition Acknowledgments

Most rewarding and revitalizing has been the selfless response and cooperation of so many individuals who became such good friends of this exhibition. Each one has helped foster this idea from concept to reality; each one has shared in making the impossible possible. The dedication and devotion of these friends, their constant encouragement and empathy, and their many, many contributions go way past simple credits or titles such as "editor" or "designer" or "translator" or "Board member." The effect of their combined efforts has been synergistic. Because of space restrictions, I can only mention some of their names, with my deepest thanks: Robert Morrison; Dr. Mark D. Altschule; Louise LaGorce Hickey; Liam Kelly; Rick Zonghi; Jane Manthorne; Florence Wolsky; Professor Elaine Gazda; Tim McNiven; Gil Murray; Edwina Charyk; James and Jean Gavin; Theodore Teplow; Professor Cornelius C. Vermeule III; Dr. Abram Sachar; Leon Pomerance; Esther Rome; Hermes Boyatis; and my husband, Dick Brettman; Allen and Emma Swartz; the two Debbies, Shruhan and Rockoff; Joseph Horn; Barbara Bridges; Roberta Zonghi; Cecilia Scarpa; Beatrice Brettman; Esther Kugell; Carl Rieser; Ethan and Dorothy Mascoop; Karen Breda; George Matias; Frank and Phyllis Gaeta; the two Saras, Lipson and Henry; Maura FitzPatrick; Professors Mason Hammond, Herbert Bloch, David Gill, Frank Cross, Wolfgang Polsen; Dr. Otto Weiss. These are only a few of the many.
Also participating in production miracles were Thomas Todd Company, Printers, and Boris Color Labs. The Boston Public Library, the Widener Library, the Houghton Library, the Hebrew College Library, and the
Boston Athenaeum were invaluable resources and lent endless help and support as did the Classical and Egyptian Departments, the Slide Library and the Photographic Library at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Photographic Department of Fogg Museum.
Generous grants from the Eleanor Naylor Dana Charitable Trust and the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation made possible the basic work involved in mounting such a project successfully; The Massachusetts Arts Lottery Council, Scientific American, and the other donors made it possible to augment the exhibition itself.
Ministering angels on the other side of the Atlantic include Giuseppe Cardinal Caprio; Professor Dr. Umberto M. Fasola, Secretary of the Pontifical Commission of Sacred Archaeology, and his associates. At the Vatican Museums, the Director General Professor Carlo Pietrangeli, the Secretary and Treasurer Dr. Walter Persegati, and their staff have constantly supported our work. Drs. Baldassare and Marisa Conticello; Dr. Giuseppina Cerulli Irelli; Professor Anna Maria Bisi; Comm. Salvatore Fornari; Monsignor Jorge Mejia; Suor Maria Francesca; Evandro Sulpizi; Alberto Marcocci; and Fernandinando Di Porto; as well as Dr. German Foglia; Monica Cola; and Roberto Bonabenia. The Musei Nazionale di Roma and Napoli; the Palazzo dei Conservatori; Dr. Sabino Iusco, the Director of the Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo, and his staff have kindly provided resources, services, and exhibition space for the showing of Vaults of Memory.

--Estelle S. Brettman

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