Photograph of a Lost Treasure
Four views of the now-collapsed, no longer existent catacomb of Monteverde from Nikolaus Müller's "Il Cimitero degli antichi Ebrei posto sulla Via Portuense," Dissertazione della Pontificia Accademia Romana d'Archeologia Ser. II, v. 12 (published posthumously in 1915), Tav. XI, XII.

32. A menorah painted in red above a tier of loculi, reminiscent of Bosio's illustration.

33. Two examples of tombs: an open tomb in the floor and a loculus with epitaph painted on the lime of the closure.

34. The doorway of a destroyed cubiculum, which opened off a collapsed gallery perforated with loculi.

35. An epitaph painted on the closure of a destroyed loculus: "Here lies Simon. In [peace] his sleep."

32. 33.
34. 35.
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