"And the Lord Seized Her Inviolable Soul"
139. The epitaph in Latin reads; "By the order of his Pope Marcellino, this Deacon Severus, grateful has constructed for himself and his (family) a tranquil sojourn in peace, in which to keep, for a long time the beloved limbs in the slumber of peace for the Creator and Judge. The maiden Severa, a delight to parents and to family, surrendered her spirit on the 8th day of the Kalends [January 24]: upon her the Lord bestowed from birth extraordinary wisdom and skill. Her body, resting in peace, is buried here until it rises again and the Lord who seized from her hallowed life's breath her pure, chaste and at all times inviolable soul, restores again her spiritual glory. She lived nine years, eleven months, and fifteen days; thus she departed from this life." Catacomb of S. Callisto.
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